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Technician Self Training Courses and Materials 2022

There are currently three classes of Amateur Radio Licenses issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC): Technician, General and Extra Classes.  With each license comes additional operational frequencies and privileges.  The license classes must be taken in order with the Technician Class being the entry level license.  In other words, someone wanting the General Class License must pass both the Technician and General Class exams, which can be taken separately or at the same time.  The Technician license gives you operational privileges above 30 MHz allowing you to communicate locally and worldwide using VHF/UHF frequencies, amateur satellites and many of the new digital amateur radio modes. 

Today there are many instructional aids available on the internet to assist in studying for the amateur licenses.  The recommended method of studying for the Technician Licensing exam is to obtain a license manual and study the exam questions in the current FCC question pool.  The question pool consists of 350 questions broken down into 10 sub-categories.  There will be 35 of these multiple choice questions from the 10 different sub-categories on the FCC license exam.   When purchasing a Technician license manual or other study materials, be sure it has the latest study question pool issued in 2018 and good through June 2022.  Older books are sometimes advertised on the web for a cheaper price but they don’t have the current question pool making them useless for studying for a current exam. 

Suggested steps for studying for your Technician License Exam:

1. Obtain American Radio Relay License Manual for Technician License. Order latest edition (5 th edition) from ARRL directly or Amazon (cheapest price). There is also a copy of the latest manual in the Lewis and Clark Library in Helena that can be checked out.

2. Watch one of the free on-line license study courses as you study the chapters in the license manual. Both Dave Caster’s course Ham Radio Prep Class

and the W4EEY course

featured follow the book chapter by chapter and have been used successfully by students passing their exams. There are other courses on-line that charge a fee.

3. As you are studying, start to review the study questions using one of the free on-line study sites. An excellent site is which allows you to study the questions by groups (test elements). It also has a nice flash card section to study the questions.

4. When you are ready, take some free on-line practice exams to determine how you would do on the actual licensing exam. The, and have practice exams as does several other websites. Take many exams and on several sites to get a good mix of questions and boost your confidence.

5. Locate an actual in-person exam or register for a remote testing examination. The Capital City Amateur Radio Club (CCARC) posts it's in-person exam schedule on it's website . The Great Falls and Bozeman radio clubs also offer monthly in-person testing.

Scheduling a licensing exam

CCARC Helena Winter 2023 Volunteer Examination schedule:

Feb. 2, 2023

March 16, 2023

April 27, 2023

Reservations are necessary for each exam date and the number of reservations available will
be limited to the exam location. You may also take more than one exam at each exam
session (ie Technician and General exams). More details on each exam session will be
provided at the time a reservation is made. Please make your reservation request at least
one week prior to the exam date.

If this schedule does not meet your needs, please remember exams are given monthly in Great
falls and Bozeman. Please check the Gallatin or Great Falls Amateur Radio Club websites
for more information.

 Please contact John KS7R at with any questions or to make an exam reservation.  


Club Activities

Members of the Capital City Amateur Radio Club meet every Saturday morning for a coffee chat session at the Staggering OX Restaurant in Helena. This is an informal session with members arriving at about 9:30 AM and leaving about 11:00 AM. People come and go throughout the morning, so don’t feel obligated to stay the entire time. This is a good gathering to discuss or ask questions on any aspect of Amateur Radio.

The Club also has a monthly business meeting on the first Monday of the Month. We meet in the Salvation Army Church building on the corner of Henderson and Hudson. If the first Monday of the month is a holiday, the meeting moves to the second Monday. Meetings start at 7:00 PM and are normally over by 9:00 PM.

Please feel welcome to join us at either of these activities.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions, please contact John Geach KS7R at 442-7107 or