Amateur Radio Emergency Service Information

   For online information about ARES go to website and search for ARES.

     ARES Manual  [PDF]

     ARES Registation Form  [PDF]

     ARES Training Plan Task Book  in fillable [PDF]

For ICS Communication Plan Purposes:

    ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service)
    Frequency Plan, Lewis and Clark County, MT

        VHF Simplex Primary: 147.500 (Local simplex)
        VHF Simplex 146.520 (National simplex)

        UHF Simplex Primary: 446.000 (National simplex)

        VHF Repeater Primary: 147.220+ Tone: 100.00 (Belmont)
        VHF Repeater 145.450- Tone: 100.00 (Hogback) MRLA link

        UHF Repeater Primary: 444.100+ Tone: 131.8, (MacPass)

        HF Primary 80mtr: 3.880 MHz, (Montana ARES Statewide)
        HF Primary 40mtr: 7.247 MHz, (Montana ARES Statewide)


Basic Radio Frequency Utilization:
 Type  CH  Function  Freq/Tone  Assignment  Remarks
 Ham Radio    Command,   Logistics, Ops 147.22+Mhz T:100   (Belmont)  VHF Primary Repeater  Net Control   Frequency
 Ham Radio    Logistics, Ops 146.85-Mhz T:100   (Hogback)  VHF Secondary   Repeater  Wide Area   Coverage   (Temporarily Off Air)
 Ham Radio    Logistics, Ops 147.10+Mhz  (Macpass)  VHF Backup Repeater
 DMR Repeater
 Wide Area Coverage
 Ham Radio    Logistics, Ops 145.45-Mhz T:100   (MRLA)  VHF Linked System  MRLA Linked   System
 Ham Radio    Logistics, Ops  147.50Mhz
 (Local Simplex)
 Primary Direct  Net Control Alt.   Freq.  on scene   Comm.
 Ham Radio    Logistics, Ops  146.52Mhz
 (Nat Simplex)
 Alternate Direct  All Simplex on scene   Comm.
 Ham Radio

   Digital  145.05Mhz  Digital Simplex  Local Digital Modes
 Ham Radio    Logistics, Ops  444.10+Mhz T:131.8
 UHF Primary Repeater  Analog N/A, DMR   only
 Ham Radio    Logistics, Ops  446.00Mhz  UHF Nat Direct  Alternate Simple
 FRS/GMRS  1  Logistics  462.5625Mhz  CERT Teams  Monitored Calling   Channel
 GMRS  20  Logistics  467.6740Mhz  CERT Teams  Monitored Calling   Channel